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“Itay Gidron’s Design + Planning Studio”  is an experienced design studio, with  an expertise  in designing and planning  commercial spaces.

The studio works on many different types of projects: restaurants & bars, , commercial & retail spaces, offices, booths & exhibitions, residential areas and conceptual development.

Our job is to accompany you, the business owner, at every stage—from research and collecting of relevant information, through joint conceptualization up until the particular planning of the space you own and then to supervise and oversee the project’s progress.


Today’s consumer is looking for much more than service or a good product. Today’s consumer is looking for excitement and adventure together with economic feasibility. Therefore, you, as a business owner, need an extra advantage to highlight your product and make it stand out from the competition, sending a message to your customers why they should  choose you over  your competitors.  Our studio  will create a strong visual presence and identity for you -one that will leave its mark and won’t allow you to be ignored.


In each project we do, we encounter a number of different challenges, such as: location, size of area, budget limitations and schedules; but beyond all this, we  aspire to create a pleasant, experiential environment for customers and visitors at your business that will allow you to sell more products and encourage your  clients to RETURN time after time.

Our rich experience in planning allows us to produce a layout for your business which uses the property’s  space in the best possible way, and which allows us to create the ideal dynamic suitable to  what you do and  the service you give to your customers—all  in accord with schedules and budgets agreed upon in advance.


In addition to interior design, we offer  branding and graphic design services For we understand that your business needs consistency and unity between the interior design and the branding and graphics, consistency which gives  your brand a strong, dependable image.


We invite you to call and schedule an introductory meeting, where we will listen to your wishes and expectations and offer you the best service for your business.  The  coffee is on us …